About Us
◇ Malu Innovation is founded in 2015 by a group of visionary young people returned from overseas. We are focused on robot systems for warehousing logistics industry and provide automation solutions, in order to help customers to improve operational efficiency,optimize human resources, and enhance their overall competitiveness.
◇ "Malu Intelligent Warehousing Sorting System",developed by ourselves,is mainly used in sorting area of e-commercer and retail business. It restructures the sorting logic (from the traditional "man to goods" to "goods to man") based on large-scale cluster scheduling algorithm, thus bring real economic benefits to customers. Once published to market, it has got good reputation and recognition.
  • Optimizing 50-70% of human costs,and reducing managing costs at the same time.
  • Increasing 5x-7x of the single work efficiency.
  • Increasing 50% of the warehouse area utilization.
  • Fast project implementation cycle: 1-2 month for a project.
◇ We own world-class capabilities of algorithm development (3D stereo-vision reconstruction, SLAM, machine learning, big data analysis, etc.), product realization and system integration. We have registered 8 patents for invention, 6 patent for utility models, 3 patents for designs and 2 software copyrights since its foundation.
◇ Our team is composed of visionary, hard working and solid young talents from different backgrounds: hardware, software, operation, marketing and investment. Our founder Liu Zhe majored in 3D stereo-vision reconstruction and SLAM when he was studying his PhD in France. He was also ranked No.2 in the “Intelligent Transportation Algorithm Challenge” held by Alibaba in 2015. During his previous work, he has got a patent in WIPO (vacuum robot arm) in Japan and a dozen of patents in the field of drone.
◇ We are determined to create a success based on technology development, change the business and the world with technology.
Product Presentation
Customer Case

A Retailer on Taobao

◇Warehouse surface: 15000m²
◇Nb of orders/day:20000
◇Sorting area:5400m²
◇Nb of objects/day:300000
◇Nb of SKU:20000+
◇Nb of sorting workers: 150
◇Nb of objects sorted/ worker/ hour: 200 - 250
(industry standards: 100 - 150)
◇Warehouse efficiency: 10000 objects sorted/hour
◇Sorting error rate: 0.1%
◇Sorting area usage rate: 33%

Malu solution
◇Nb of robots: 92
◇Nb of operation stations: 20
◇Nb of operators: 40
◇Nb of objects sorted/ operator/ hour: 500 - 700
◇Warehouse efficiency: 10000 objects sorted/hour
◇Sorting error rate: <0.01%
◇Sorting area usage rate: 50%

✔ Saving labor cost:Replace 110 workers with 92 Malu-Robots

✔ Reducing labor intensity:A worker needs to work 12 hours per day,walking 40-50km before;but now,they only fulfilled the sorting task in the operation station and doesn't need walking any more

✔ Energy saving:It can save more than 50% energy in sorting area,by saving light and air-conditioning cost.

✔ In addition,we bring invisible performance to costomers by reducing error rate and workers management costs.

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What are you looking for? An internship, a job, or an entrepreneurship experience? In a big company, you may only be a small screw and see a small part of a thing; in a start-up team, you can see the whole thing, realize your whole value and solve challenging problems with your team members. If you want to continue your study, this experience will become an important plus, if you want to pursuit a successful career, joining us is a unique opportunity. We don’t have complex hierarchy, nor limit of functions, but only equality and passion.

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