Picking System

E-commerce/Retail, 3PL, Shoes & Garment, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical Industry, Manufacturing, etc.


Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase

Reduce picking workers and training time, standardize on-site operation, and improve efficiency and accuracy.

AI Management

Real-time dashboard monitoring, auto-alarming, daily/weekly/monthly BI report, and AI assisted warehouse management.

Multiple Business Forms

Support 2B, 2C, bonded warehouse and other business forms to adapt to various storage scenarios.

Flexible Solution

Zone-by-Zone implementation with no system interruption, flexible expansion and transfer to better respond to market demands and business changes.

Precise Stock Management

Batch and validity management, multiple serial number management for high value goods ensuring all logistics data traceable.


Malu Innovation’s Picking System uses AGV to realize “Goods to Man” picking method. Workers can complete the standardized picking process at the workstation without moving around, which greatly improves working efficiency and reduces operating and management costs.

AGV Recommended

Moving System

Automotive/Spare Parts, Electronics, Shoes & Garment, Pharmaceutical Industry, New Energy, Food & Beverage, etc.


More Stable

The system is stable and reliable with real-time backup, capable to handle various emergencies.

More Efficient

High positioning accuracy to support fast and precise docking with multiple equipments/production lines.

More Secure

Multiple security solutions with hardware and software collabration to minimize on-site risks.


Support cross-zone/cross-floor scheduling, with lift interaction and production line interactive.

More Flexible

Flexible implementation, expansion and maintenance with no system interruption, which minimize the impact on the production line.


Malu innovation’s Moving System is an AGV-based automation system, which meets the needs of various scenarios with different loading components. It can efficiently complete the loading and unloading of materials between different production lines and moving between floors and between zones.

AGV Recommended

Sorting System

Package Delivery Industry, E-commerce, etc.


Smaller Surface

Space optimization, AGV occupying about 1/3-1/5 of the space of fixed automation equipments.

Precise Sorting

Automatic identification of bar code information, accurate delivery, and fast sorting.

Elastic Operation

AGV/Workstation station maintenance does not affect the normal use of the system.


Malu Innovation AGV supports massive package sorting and classification. It automatically identifies package and send package to chute corresponding to bar code by working with industrial code reading device.

AGV Recommended


AGV MS-10 MS-30 MM-200 MP-500W MP-700 MP-1300
Payload(kg) 10 30 200 500 700 1300
Size(mm) L450 L720 L740 L710 L820 L1000
W360 W490 W510 W710 W710 W800
H220 H820 H280 H330 H330 H330
Moving Speed 2-3m/s 1.5-2m/s 1-1.5m/s 1.5-2m/s
Emergency Switch Supported Supported front and back each
Obstacle Avoidance Laser / Ultrasonic Wave / Infrared
Charging Mode Intelligent auto-charging with off-peak mode, charge all AGVs at operational pause.
Operating Time 24H Supported
Battery Life 6-8h 10h
Navigation QR Code QR Code / VSLAM*
Control/Stop Precision ±5mm
Communication Industrial WIFI / 4G / 5G

* VSLAM: Visual positioning and navigation technology